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    Mimi, along with Hamilton producer Trevor Titian (Harrison Kennedy, Dinner Belles) has created a true vintage Americana soundscape. It’s a glimpse back in time; a delightful sojourn that taps classic old country sounds of the 40s and 50s. Deeply influenced by folk and roots artists, Mimi’s evocative music hints at past greats like The Carter Sisters, Hank Williams, Hank Snow and Patsy Cline. Modern influences the likes of Emmy-lou Harris, Margo Timmins and Lucinda Williams can be felt as well.
    The genesis for the EP and single Niagara stemmed from a classic honeymoon photo of Shaw’s parents in front of a vintage Niagara Falls. “It is so nostalgic and familiar that many people can conjure up a similar image with their own families. The falls are in the background and you see the old wrought iron railing behind them. I wanted to write a love song that was as simple and sweet and elemental as that. It’s a love song that’s not in some far away land but in a place where we live.”

    “I knew I wanted to create an EP with a retro feel that draws on old country inspirations. It had to resonate and reflect old sounds, instrumentations and sentiments. It’s an homage to the music that excites and inspires me. I am drawn to the simplicity of those melodies and lyrical notions where things are simmered down to their true form.”
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